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Logo for “Solid Investor” financial company

It happened that we created a model logo. We do not mean it is particularly beautiful, we mean that it is a good example of a logo. And you can show it to anyone.

Why is this logo so good?

It demonstrates the topic and illustrates the idea to the best. The topic is finance. We made a monogram of the first letters of the company name, added hatching and outline to the image. This look is visually typical for finance. The main idea is solid investment. The central image is a metal coin – metal is about solidity, a coin is about money.

The logo is very flexible and you can use it in many ways. You can show it in one or two colors, you can invert, cut or engrave it without any additional adaptation. People will perceive the logo in just the same way.

If you want to show an example of a regular good logo, you can now show the “Solid Investor”.