Intuition Park

A designers, editors and developers community — that’s what it is. We gather, form teams and make small experimental projects to distract from work, meet new people and try out something new.

Have a look:

Innecessity ⋅ autumn 2022

Igor the Cat ⋅ autumn 2022

Nezabudk_ ⋅ autumn 2022

Bias ⋅ spring 2020

Floattery ⋅ autumn 2019

Scrollfer ⋅ summer 2019

Grids 1.0 ⋅ autumn 2022

Acceptance ⋅ autumn 2022

Tyorki ⋅ autumn 2022

Tomatoboros ⋅ autumn 2022

Hokkuist ⋅ autumn 2022

Буквы-тянучки ⋅ весна 2021

Textelyator ⋅ spring 2021

On the face ⋅ summer 2020

Dorogaya Vitrina ⋅ autumn 2019

Layout Mash ⋅ summer 2019

Moodworld ⋅ spring 2019

The Park is cool! Guys say here:

is a community where you can drop finished or half-baked layouts without any shame and get fair comments

you can ask any question and hear the opposite opinion – ‘look what else can happen’

they help you to see into things deeply, share the handy, the beautiful and the interesting, criticize only if you ask to – and do that valuably, precisely and within the subject

is a community I’ve been looking for so long! Safe, floodless – here are the people I’ve literally lived through the project with!

the most non-toxic professional community EVER!

perhaps, the most exceptional chat of the profession’s weirdos, and for that I love it sincerely

These are real non-redacted reviews. But it’s not really possible now to match them with the authors’ names, sorry.

The Park changes constantly. Earlier you could make anything - a desktop app, a browser plugin, a chat bot, posters, longreads, an instamask or a sticker pack. Now we have a new rule:

we only make web things.

For instance, something like this,, this, this, this, this, this, такие or this. Что угодно может работать в браузере! Новое правило никак не ограничит фантазию, но позволит сфокусироваться на веб-технологиях.

The process is changing as well: there’s going to be more structure and more self-organization. We’re kinda considering something on this matter, but we'll talk about later.

By and large, the timeline remains the same:

Meeting each other and discussing project ideas

2 weeks

We create a chat, get to know each other, have fun. Each of the participants tells others about themselves and suggests project ideas. The participants have to form teams of 3-4 people. The teams agree on a project and fill out an application.

All participants must be a part of a team and cannot apply on their own. If you did not manage to become a part of a team: to lead or to join one, you have to leave.

Project realization

4 weeks

All teams decide what schedule they follow, how to distribute the tasks, how to finish the project on time.

The teams show their progress in the common chat, it makes all the sense. All participants must be ready for unwanted advice. They do not have always follow them, but discussions are the main pleasure. You do not not work on your own one project, but follow other teams and understand what and why happens in their projects.


1 week

The teams need to prepare and publish a story on their project. All completed projects appear on this site with a mention of their creators.

The conditions do not change:

  • participation is free.You need to apply and happen to be invited (or not). Applications are sorted out manually by organizers. Unfortunately, there’s no way to make this process transparent;
  • prep course is not mandatory – neither it guarantees anything. It just helps to develop relevant skills;
  • projects should be non-commercial: meaning they cannot have an external customer. The project itself can offer something for money, though.


Zhenya Beloded, Bar-o-pie

Distribute responsibilities right away and do the project already and right now. There’s no time for slacking, or you’ll have to cut off too much later and that hurts. Don’t hesitate to try out the most inadequate ideas, something you’ve never tried before ❤️

Vladimir Toupikin, Distortions

Almost every project turns to be more complicated than it was expected. In order have enough time for everything conceived, you’d rather conceive less.

Dmitriy Coochev, Written On Your Face

Do not take a task bigger than the bliss and ardor it may give.

Ekaterina Tsygankova, Matches

Don’t be carried away: save energy and be honest. Initially it looks you’ve got a hell lot of ideas (as well as time), all of them are cool and you can do everything on schedule. That’s scarcely so! According to my subjective experience only 20% of initial plans reached their realization, because a part of them was useless and for another part we just didn’t have enough time.

It’s extremely important to honestly answer the question “why are we doing whatever we are doing?”, to yourself and to your teammates.

Even if your project is about trash and bosh, there must be some inner reasoning – why something is put aside while something else is brought in; how the project is changing and whether it looks as desired or not really.

Somewhat in the middle of the Park there might be the crisis, when it’s a shame to give the project over, but everybody’s exhausted. Each and everyone’s conscientiousness was a game saver: everybody did their pieces, but that’s rather a coincidence than a method. I wouldn’t count on that next time.

Nelly Kum, Layout Mash

Ditch the guilt of not doing ‘one more item on the task list’.

Schedule regular calls of a ‘let’s-work-a-bit-together’-kind, they rule.

Tolya Mickalyuk, No, Layout Mash

Create or enroll into the project which hooks you personally. You’ll have enough motivation to do your job and energy to pick up your colleague’s task.

Before the project starts, talk over your part of the job and responsibilities to avoid surprises at the end. Start thoughtfully, finish confidently.

If something doesn’t go as planned, inform the others of that. Ask for help or correct the expectations. We’re all humans, things happen.

After the project is launched, tell about it on social media. That’s a great way to solidify your new experience and collect the looks.

Maxim Gryaznov, Flottery, Textalator

To everybody: don’t hesitate to suggest lots of ideas. I had to offer eight before the last one collected the team. Although I posted that one without any confidence: “Naïve, but let’s give it a shot”.

To myself, if I got into the Park once more: don’t learn something new, just do what you want. That way you won’t be embarrassed and you will still learn later on. Meaning: in The Survivors I learned more than I did in The Park.

Kostya Desh, Fancy Shop Window,, Scrollfer

To all who got into the Park Chat, I recommend reading the standards of Intuition work carefully – «just for fun», – and then all the rest. So that expectations and reality could meet. As a result, the Web will have one more amusing thing and a cool experience.

Yuriy Shiryayev, Hatch Constructor, Voiceraptor-9000

To all new teams I’d recommend making a challenge for themselves. You can do anything in the Park.

In your work there will be approvals; with clients there will be a fight for money and authority, on your own you might get lazy. While in the Park there will be help, they will talk to you and won’t let you leave the track. And nobody will judge you if you decide to cancel the project (that’s debatable – editors).

And do communicate with the team and other members. It significantly increases chances for success.