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We do not want to have our life separated from work and we do not want to seek work-life balance. We want to play and have fun. Just play – not work and play, not live and play. Just always play and have fun.

We do everything for the sake of what is happening now, and not for the bright future We have dreams and plans, we do not borrow from the future and we are very curious about what comes next. But what is happening now is the most important thing.

Some people set goals and achieve them, the goal is their reward and the way to it is the necessary sacrifice. We also have goals, but they are flexible and our own. We are together because of the journey to our goal, not the final result. The way itself is our award.

It does not mean we are always happy and excited. There are troubles, high load, tears, rage, and frustration. It is obvious. But if you are feeling bored, it is time to change something. If it is cool, interesting and very hard – that’s fine, that’s how we roll.

If you are not having fun, something is wrong

Having fun is very easy to spoil. We make sure that people who come to us are not too serious and stiff. For those who are, we have our water guns loaded. We are very picky. And we watch carefully that no one ruins the fun.

All in all, these ideas and principles are very important. But there is an even more important thing – whether we do our work with love or without it. If you are doing something without love, just don’t do it.

Love is essential