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If you work for Intuition, you have as much freedom as you can imagine. We do not have a work schedule. You can work from any place and at any time. You do not have to be available during working hours.

Your time is only yours

There are cases when you promise your time to someone. For example, you arrange a meeting or promise do something by a certain hour. These are commitments. And you must fulfill them. But there are no time obligations by default.

You can manage your personal affairs whenever you want. You do not have to notify the team or ask for permission. When you feel it is appropriate, you can let the team know: “I am traveling next week and it will take me longer to reply”. Though it is best to plan your work taking your personal life into account so that no one knows about it at all. It is important to keep with work arrangements, all other things are not important.

When you work for Intuition, you can do whatever you want for your clients. It will be cool if you show your work to other people with the team, as all of them are curious about each other’s work. It is strictly prohibited to skive and do something not as well as you possibly can. You represent the company and each of your steps affects our reputation.

You have the right to stop working on any project or with any client. We do not think of it as a betrayal or sabotage. Sure, this is a sign that something is wrong with the project and we will try to find out what is happening. There can be various reasons, and among them there can be deeply personal ones. You need to finish the current step and give the project over, there no problem at all.

Your projects in Intuition, the ones for your own clients and your personal life are the things that you should manage on your own. You need to plan, arrange, renew the plan, rearrange. Only you can do it, as your time is only yours.

Maximum freedom means maximum responsibility

In Intuition, we have no imposed discipline. No one supervises you and tells you what to do. But we encourage personal discipline and you cannot go without it. You need to explore yourself thoroughly to find out the best way to work. It is hard, but it is always beneficial.

A short lecture about why responsibility is cool:

A couple of tips: how to plan your day, how to plan your week.