Intuition is a team of designers, editors and developers. We create brands, online media and digital products.

We are not an agency with a stream of orders, we are something like an outsource design and development team. Usually we are trusted with a whole design solution or a product. And we "own" it: we take decisions, make mistakes, correct them and present results.

For example, in Modulbank Delo we create all the design, draw illustrations for articles, write the code for interactive things and run development
As for Winvestor, we create it from start to finish: its concept, editorial line, work with authors and experts, analytics, product design and development
For Dodo Pizza we've developed a brandbook, designed signages, created illustration style and a job promo, written the company story and a book for staff
In Sigma, we are responsible for all the design: their site, print and outdoor ads, sales materials and apartment buildings navigation

* * *

We've worked out our own web development standards. We do not make sites using Tilda, Readymag, Wordpress, Bitrix or any other CMS. Our projects run on Node.js or Ruby on Rails and for the quick start we use our own Layer 0, an empty project template with a very regular stack.

Layer 0 is a boilerplate with Node.js, Pug, SCSS, a dozen of favorite plugins and IDS, a built-in design system
IDS is a CSS framework for assemblying online media, landings and simple interfaces

We've developed these tools for our projects, but there is nothing exotic in them and any qualified team can work using our code.

* * *

We have just a few clients, a new one appears once a year. All of them are professionals in their business who know what they are doing and who care. We always start working with new clients from a small project to see if we fit each other and to get an MVP.

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