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We have three options: “First approach”, “Cycle” and “Flow”. New clients can have only the “first approach” and if both sides are content with the result, the client can get other options.

Может показаться странным, что мы заранее знаем стоимость проекта. Конечно, все задачи разные, и мы решаем их по-разному, не конвейерно. Но мы знаем свой метод: минимальный состав команды, время на знакомство и погружение, чеклист для запуска. Всё это определяет минимальный бюджет. Увеличивать его тоже нельзя — проект раздуется и станет неуправляемым. Поэтому ни больше, ни меньше, а вот столько.

First approach

Jump from zero to one, MVP

1250 000 ₽

The option for new clients

We can start without all the details and answers, we improvise.

We do not promise to keep to the deadline.

The team can be large: there is always an art director and a designer, can be an editor and a web developer and sometimes there appear an illustrator, a visual designer and a font designer.

One of the lead managers becomes the project coordinator and the contact person.

We are sure to have the “first approach” to any new project – we throw away all the things we do not need, leave only the most important and try to launch it as soon as possible.

This step is the hardest to control, that’s why we want to finish it as soon as possible. But this task is very important, we need to find the right direction and get a good feel for the product. So, we spare neither effort nor expense.


Adding functions and features to a working system

365 000 ₽  

Available after the “First approach” only

We start it when we have complete understanding of the task and have all the initial data.

Keep to the deadline.

The team is small: just a lead designer and an art director or maybe a developer and a tech director.

The lead designer is the coordinator and the contact person. The lead managers check every line.

We work in cycles by two weeks and take very few tasks to any of them – about twice as few as a full time team could take. The cycles cannot go one by one, we can take breaks for discussing and preparing.

We don't add tasks to the ongoing cycle and do not plan tasks for several cycles ahead, only for the nearest one.


Resizes, corrections, illustrations and media content by request


After the “First approach”

The assignment of tasks is standard, the results can be predicted.

The terms can be predicted as well.

Only one person works on the project. The lead managers get involved only if it is necessary.

We create a small factory and automate some tasks. This way we can make layouts using the templates we already have, draw pictures in the style we have already created, create media content.

В Интуиции три руководителя: за техническое совершенство отвечает Миша Калыгин, за текст — Людмила Сарычева, за дизайн и всю команду — Женя Арутюнов.