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We, Dodo

Dodo Pizza is a large and fine-tuned business. Our task was to describe it to a broad audience for the first time, and we wanted to make the story short and clear. We've captured the least evident features and put them in one story.

And in order not to get bored, we invented imaginary readers who make comments about everything.

Amazing things

— When we showed this design as a sketch of the first screen, it was rejected. But we did not listen and created the whole thing, and it turned out the design was great.

— The part about "being open about everything" became a prototype of the values in the brand platform, here we see the principles of being open.

— In this very important page we managed to forget about delivery. And this is the main part of the Dodo business. And we haven't fixed it yet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Art director and author
Eugene Arutyunov
Dasha Kolesnikova
Mila Tkachenko
manager from the client's team
Nikita Poloznikov

Dodo Pizza

The largest pizza chain in Russia and the most open company in Russian business

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