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Illustrations for Dodo Pizza

We have deleoped and described the illustrations style for Dodo Pizza. The new style first appeared on disposable paper tray mats: we created an infographic about pizza delivery speed, where we showed its main stages:

Working on the "about the company" section we've invented "imaginary readers":

After that there were illustrations for the New year packaging and holiday cards:

And lots of pictures for digital products interfaces:

The main characteristics of Dodo Pizza illustrations are described in the brandbook:

There is also a page with the creative process details, analysis of pictures by other authors and ideas about graphic design:

Chamber of secrets

Leading designer and illustrator
Mila Tkachenko
Dasha Kolesnikova
client's team:
Nikita Poloznikov, Mike Semyonov
art director
Eugene Arutyunov

Dodo Pizza

The largest pizza chain in Russia and the most open company in Russian business

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