Weird Designer
digital book in Russian

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We are special guys who create simple and reasonable design. We do not make things that are too creative. We make clear and persuasive ones.

We have just a few clients, all of them are cool and we get new ones about once a year. Our clients are professionals who know their business and who care. We do everything possible and impossible for them – invest time in their projects, trial ideas, correct mistakes and take the initiative. And there may be some other clients that we will not lift a finger for.

We have one main principle: in all cases, we create an information system. You say “corporate style”, we hear “information system”, you say “site”, “printed catalog”, “pics for social media”, “presentation for partners”, we hear “information system”. You say “information system”, we hear “information system”.

We spend most time in Rostov-on-Don. But nobody knows where we are right now. We have no office. We have no work schedule. We have no hired employees. We are a group of like-minded people and professionals who are sure to work well. We create a project team for every task. We work in coworking spaces, cafes, at home, wherever. But we see each other pretty often, as it is more fun.