Logo for “Solid Investor” financial company

Logo and style for “Digmus” blockchain startup

Corporate style and site for Baikal design camp

Name and style for “Norm” smart house system

No time to explain: a site and a mobile app for  an  educational platform with a complex name

Logo for a music school

Logo and site for “Logeksim” logistic company

No time to explain: this is a site for “Sigma” property development company

Logo system for “A&M”

Competitive design for an album of “Okean Elzy” rock band

Logo and site sketch for Kickidler monitoring service

Logo and characters for an educational newsletter

Corporate style for George Garanian Big Band

Mobile site for “ AAA  Motors” car dealership

“About” section on the US site for Dodo Pizza

“Fruit Club”: design talks for professionals and idlers

Most likely, you will never see this project description here. We have a google doc instead!

Predecessor company: nfrjtdjnbvz.name design studio

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